Irwin Wheel Assemblies for the Harshest Environments

As long as Irwin has been manufacturing wheel assemblies, we have been engineering and manufacturing units that see service in the harshest environments imaginable.

Irwin’s Extra-High Temp, Marine Duty and Shot-Blast Duty wheel assemblies have been helping customers nullify the effects of these application environments and simply focus on production, not day-to-day maintenance. Most of Irwin’s standard assemblies are available in these customized versions, and chances are we have already we solved your problem.

Irwin’s Marine Duty (fully submersible) wheel assemblies help keep dry docks, marine runways, boat launch and barge launch facilities operating reliably with minimal maintenance, in fresh water or salt water environments.

Irwin’s Shot-Blast Duty (sand or metal grit) wheel assemblies are widely used in all types of heavy-duty shot blast duty applications, and have been running reliably in high capacity, high volume blast machines by the likes of Pangborn, Wheelabrator, etc.

Paint room versions of our wheel assemblies are also available.

All of Irwin’s Marine Duty, Shot-Blast Duty and Paint room wheel assemblies are available in a range of capacities similar to our standard wheel assembly products.

Chances are, we have already solved your problem.

Please contact Senior Vice President David Fitzpatrick ( or 724-864-8900 x 116) to discuss your unique and severe-duty applications.