Irwin produces all types of standard and custom steel wheels to meet all of your application needs. Irwin’s wheels are available as either cast or forged steel, and our material grades can be changed to suit your unique conditions. They are available as double flange, single flange, flat tread, V-groove, or whatever you require.

Irwin’s standard forged steel wheels are produced from high-quality, vacuum-degassed AISI C-1045, C-1055, C-1070, 4140 and 4340 steels, and have tread hardness of 320 to 400 Bhn, 43 to 47 Rc (400 – 450 Bhn), 50 to 55 Rc and 58 to 62 Rc.

When required by applications or industry standards, we produce wheels from other exotic materials, including stainless steels, high-grade ductile iron, alternate carbon steels, etc., with an equally diverse range of hardness options. All of our wheels are rigorously tested and inspected to ensure that the finest quality product is shipped to the field.

Our vast inventory of steels and diameters of forgings means that we can duplicate existing, no-longer-produced wheels, as well as customize wheels to match your specific applications.

Furthermore, we make replacement wheels for now-defunct product lines such as Red Dot wheels and Farrell Cheek wheels, among others.

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