Give your Operations the “Irwin Advantage” and Let Irwin Car Maximize your Productivity and Keep your Operations On-Track!

Managing your operating costs, minimizing down time and maximizing your productivity remain the key to your success in any production environment.

Turn to the experts at Irwin Car and Equipment, where our 125+ years of experience in manufacturing the most rugged and reliable rail-based and rubber-tired material handling equipment will keep you up and running and your operations on-track. From gantry crane bogies and locomotives to transfer car systems and AGV’s, Irwin has the solutions you need to optimize your operations and facility.

Put the Irwin Car advantage to work for you today:

  • Crane Wheels and Sheaves from 6″ to 40″ and up
  • Capacities to 100 Tons per wheel and up
  • Complete Crane Wheel & Industrial Assemblies
  • Gantry Crane Bogies and Custom Equipment
  • Marine Duty Wheel Assemblies for Runways and Dry Docks
  • Transporters & AGV’s
  • Locomotives and Transfer Car Systems
  • Plug & play retrofits, replacement units and aftermarket parts

For over 125 years, we’ve been keeping industry on-track with:

  • The quickest deliveries and turnaround times in the industry
  • Expert service & technical support
  • High quality, state-of-the art QC inspection, NDE tested products certified for any industry or application
  • Replacement parts for hard to find, antiquated or foreign made cranes and equipment
  • 100% Made in the USA components, parts and equipment

Gain the “Irwin Advantage” for your facility for maximum productivity, mimimum costs, unparalleled ROI and the industry’s best combination of service, know-how and inventory.

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