Model No. SA-101

Flange Mounting Box FM-1 is available for use on the 1- through 8-ton wheel assemblies using tapered roller bearings.

Flange Mounting Box FM-2 is available for use on the 10- through 15-ton wheel assemblies using tapered roller bearings and the 700°-1200°F Extra High Temperature Assembly.

Flange mounted units are also available.

Note: For dimensions A, B and C in the image at right, see stub axle wheel assembly at the capacity required. For high temperature assemblies, contact Irwin for “D” dimension.

Type A B C D E F G H I J K L M
Heavy Duty FM-1 See note above 13-1/2 14 2-1/2 7 6-1/2 5/8 5/8 7/8 6-3/8 4-5/8
Ex. Heavy Duty FM-2 15-3/4 14 2-1/2 8-1/8 7-5/8 3/4 3/4 1-1/8 7-7/8 5-5/8
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