Irwin Reinvents the Wheel Every Day So You Don’t Have To

For more than 125 years, Irwin Car has been engineering custom solutions to the toughest rail-based material handling problems and challenges regardless of the issue.

Whether you’re facing extreme temperatures (1200°F to absolute zero), extreme loads (up to 120 tons per wheel), submergibility, or simply designing a fix to someone else’s problem, Irwin can offer a plug-and-play solution that boosts capacity and decreases maintenance costs.

Irwin Car supports every heavy industry imaginable with our wheel assemblies… custom engineered to simplify your project and solve your problem once and for all.  No matter the industry, Irwin has proven engineered solution in the field, often in the harshest conditions imaginable; and we are ready to put that history and expertise to work for you.

Irwin wheel assembly capacities range from 1 to 120 tons per wheel (or more), and applications include, but are not limited to:

  • Transfer car wheel assemblies
  • Furnace car wheel assemblies
  • Gantry crane wheel assemblies, trolley assemblies and gantry crane bogie assemblies
  • Bridge crane drive and idler wheel assemblies, trolley assemblies and sheave assemblies
  • Maintenance of Way equipment wheel assemblies
  • Stacker – Reclaimer wheel assemblies and bogie assemblies
  • Marine duty wheel assemblies (submersible)
  • Walking beam furnace wheel assemblies
  • Shot blast duty wheel assemblies
  • Tripper conveyor wheel assemblies
  • Shuttle conveyor wheel assemblies
  • Drive and idler wheel assemblies
  • Kiln car wheel assemblies
  • Autoclave wheel assemblies
  • Trunnion rollers and trunnion wheel assemblies for crushers and breakers
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