Custom Belt Winders

Are your belt winders designed specifically for your applications? At Irwin, every belt winder is engineered to our customer’s needs. Let us custom-engineer a belt winder for you.

We offer these features:

  • 600 lbs. to 1.5M lbs. of pull
  • Electric or Hydraulic Drive
  • Mounted on skids, mounting feet, trailers, flat beds, and belt structures
  • Direct Drive or Chain Drive Arrangement
  • A-Frame or Lift-Arm Design
  • Single or Dual Drive
  • Hydraulic Turntables
  • Fork truck slots and lifting lugs for ease of transport
  • 18” to 120” Belt Widths
  • Will accommodate all belt roll diameters, reel applications, and belt weights
  • Guide Rollers with adjustable Bungs
  • Custom Power Units to drive winders (Diesel or Electric Hydraulic)
  • Turntables

And more…

  • Belt roll weight up to 80,000 pounds, additional weights available if required
  • Fixed or adjustable belt guides
  • Optional electric hydraulic or diesel hydraulic power pack
  • Optional dual hydraulic controls
  • Optional turntable operates under full load

More options are available as requested.