Built to Order.  Made to Last.

From the raw material, to the size of the components, to how the drive controls speak to the operator’s station, Irwin’s Electric Constant Tension Winches (ECTW) are the definition of custom-built pieces of equipment.  With special attention paid to carriage/winch take up, carriage/wire rope speed, carriage travel, and how many falls are in a run, you can be sure that what you are getting from Irwin leaves nothing to question.  We also make sure to account for any environmental/geographical concerns in the location that our equipment is operating (i.e., ambient temperature, elevation, corrosive atmosphere, etc.).  Let our Engineering team, work with you to make sure we can give you the perfect solution.

Product Offerings and Features:

  • 10hp to 300hp motor size with appropriately sized gearbox
  • Grooved or Smooth Drums
  • Single or Double VPI motors
  • Optional Extra Improved Plow Steel Rope (EIPS)
  • Variable Frequency Drive control packages with digital operator’s panel
  • Pendant Control with E-Stop
  • Dry Caliper Disc Brakes
  • Expanded Metal or paneled enclosure
  • Optional custom paint to meet corrosive environments