One of the most important things our customers can do is monitor and regularly replace equipment filtration. Doing this properly will add years of life to the equipment and insure optimal “up-time”. Irwin has given careful consideration to the companies that we decide to represent. Our focus is giving our customers the highest quality product that will ultimately add to their bottom line. Schroeder Industries and Baldwin Filters are two companies that provide excellence in the way of keeping your machinery running clean. These two lines give Irwin all encompassing solutions to your filtration needs for air, diesel fuel, hydraulic fluid, and water in every industry from mining, to construction, to automotive. They offer the highest rated in dirt holding capacity, paper and stainless elements, spin on filters, high pressure filter housing and elements, test benches, dirt indicators, mobile filtration.

Let us design a filter and element to fit your needs. In addition to the thousands of standard filter/element options, Irwin can work directly with the customer to design, engineer, test, and provide a custom application for any piece of equipment. We will even go one step further and stock that product so that it is available when needed.