Irwin Mine and Tunneling Supply Offers a Complete Selection of Air Compressors & Pneumatic Tools for All Mining Applications

If you’re looking to reduce overhead costs, Irwin Mine and Tunneling Supply can be your sole supplier of compressed air and pneumatic tools. Pneumatic tools are inexpensive to operate and can be used in environments that have limited power access.

We offer compressed air on:

  • Rail Cars
  • Rubber-Tired & Tireless Cars
  • Portable Skids
  • Powered Mobile Bases
  • Stationary Air Compressors

Our tooling includes:

  • Jackhammers
  • Rock Drills
  • Chain Saws
  • Impact Wrenches
  • Weld Fluxing Machines
  • Miscellaneous Pneumatic Tools

We also stock a wide range of spare and accessory parts to maximize your uptime.