Atlas Car Products is your source for Railcar coupler needs to keep your cars safely coupled, on-track in service and maintain safe working conditions. Our extensive inventory of coupler replacement components helps in minimizing down time and repairs.

Industries Served:

  • Railcar- Freight and Locomotive
  • Industrial- Captive service, Steel Mills, Automotive, Shipyards
  • Utility Equipment - Lift Trucks, Wagons, and Loaders
  • Hi-Rail Equipment- Trucks and Car Movers
  • Historical - Scenic Rail, Museums and Trolley cars
  • Mining and Tunneling

Inventory includes:

  • Sharon ¾ and full-sized couplers
  • Climax Knuckles
  • Willison Couplers
  • Coupler Pockets
  • Draft Gears
  • Draft Keys and Accessories
  • Yokes
  • Coupler Pins
  • Coupler Replacement Components - Knuckles, Locklifts, Lever, Latches, Bushings and Knuckle Pins