Atlas Car Products wheel shop keeps railcars and locomotives on track and operating safely for the railroad, steel mill, mining, transit, historic and captive service industries.

Our shop capabilities and personnel’s expertise allow us to support your needs with new and reconditioned wheel sets for standard, narrow and custom rail track gauges.

New wheel sets, our shop can provide Idler and drive wheels sets or loose replacement parts for the wheel sets with our extensive inventory of wheels, axles, bearings and gears. Our stock railcar and locomotive wheels range from 33″ up to 42″ (fat 40’s) and can be supplied with a rough or finished bore per your requirements.

Reconditioned or secondhand Idler and drive wheel sets; let our shop recondition your wheel sets or supply wheel sets that have already been reconditioned to AAR standards. Our process for reconditioning customer furnished wheel sets is to evaluate and report the condition of the wheel set prior to the repairs. We have a 600-ton capacity press allows us to dismount and mount wheels and gears while recording the forces required. A CNC wheel lathe that reprofiles the wheel tread contour back to the original contour for improved tracking. And a CNC axle lathe for repairs, conversions or manufacturing new axles.

Wheel Set and motor combos can be remanufactured back to OEM standards in our One-Stop Shop with our wheel shop and motor shop located at the same facility. All combos are fitted to proper tolerances and test run to meet our quality assurance. See our Traction Motor Service section of our website for motor repairs.

Services include:

  • New and Reconditioned Wheel Sets
  • Disassemble, inspect and advise repairs
  • Wheel Replacement - new and reconditioned
  • Bearing Replacement - new and reconditioned
  • Gear Replacement - new and reground
  • Wheel reprofiling
  • Mag testing
  • Assembly and testing
  • Engineering
  • Locomotive Wheel Sets
  • Freight and Passenger Wheel Sets
  • Transit Wheel Sets
  • U-Tube
  • Axle and Journal Conversions

Equipment and Tooling

  • 600-Ton Press with recorder
  • CNC Wheel Lathe
  • CNC Axle Lathe
  • Bearing Puller and Assembler
  • CNC Boring Mills
  • Quality Control Lab with CMM Equipment
  • Nondestructive Testing - Mag Particle
  • Dynamic Balancers
  • Furnaces