Truck Assemblies and Bogies:

New, repairs / re-builds and replacement parts

Atlas Products can provide complete truck assemblies as an outright sale or reconditioned your current trucks as well as supply replacement parts for repairs you need to perform in the field. Our vast inventory of truck components and wheel sets helps to minimize shipping time and decreases repairs / rebuilds turnaround time in our shop. Atlas has been keeping rolling stock on the move for 120 plus years with their engineers and repair technician’s expertise.

Atlas Products trucks and bogies can be found in the railroad, industrial, mining, scenic and historical industries.

Repairs and Rebuilds

  • Disassemble, inspect, and advise repairs (DIA)
  • Side frames and bolsters
    Sandblast, repair cracks, replace wear plates, and paint
  • Drive and Idler wheel assemblies
    Inspect wheels and axles, dimensional and mag particle testing
    Bearing replacement with new or reconditioned
    Gear replacement with new or qualified reground gears
    Wheel replacement with new or qualified secondhand
    Wheel tread re-profiling
  • Replacement parts – side frames, bolsters, wheel sets, axles, bearings, springs, brake beams, cylinders, brake shoes and hoes. See our stock and distribution parts page of this website for details.

Wheel Shop Capabilities and Equipment;

See our Wheel Sets and Wheels page of this website for details.
  • Bearing Puller and Assembler
  • CNC Wheel Turning Lathe
  • 600-Ton Presses with recorder
  • CNC Axle Lathe
  • CNC Boring Mills
  • Mag Particle Testing
  • QC Lab and Inspection
  • Gear Inspection
  • Parts Washer and Steam Cleaning