Getting it from here to there in the Steel Making process can be the most difficult and dollar draining part of the whole operation.

But with the Atlas Car Products 125 plus years of experience designing and manufacturing industrial material handling cars, we have more than likely already come up with a solution for your requirements. With Atlas Car Products the engineers focus their experience with new technology to yield greater efficiency, reliability and durability needed for the job. Atlas will engineer and manufacture for your specific application.

Services Include

  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing/ Fabrication/ Machining/ Assembly/ Testing
  • Customer site project planning/ development
  • Project Management
  • Project Field Supervision
  • Equipment Field Inspections

Product Line

  • AC-DC Powered Cars
  • Battery Powered Cars
  • Buckets
  • Custom Design Specialty Cars
  • Coal/ Ore Cars
  • Coil Cars
  • Diesel Powered Cars
  • Flat Deck Cars - Powered/ Non-powered
  • Furnace Cars
  • Hopper Cars
  • Hot/ Coke Cars
  • Ladle Cars
  • Locomotives
  • Quench Cars
  • Quench Locomotives
  • Oven Cars
  • Replacement Parts
  • Scrap Boxes
  • Crape Box Transfer Cars
  • Slab Cars
  • Shot Blast Cars
  • Transfer Cars
  • Truck Assemblies
  • Weigh/ Scale Cars
  • Wheels/ Wheel Assemblies