Atlas Car Products’ heavy-duty transfer tables and turntables are made for load requirements, and can be manufactured in any size to meet your specific operational needs.

Our heavy-duty center-pin design utilizes self-aligning anti-friction bearings which, combined with wheel assemblies, turn on tapered roller bearings, resulting in a highly dependable, low-maintenance and long-life turntable.

Drives, controls and deck configurations can be customized for your specific application, and our engineers will ensure that the turntable we supply interfaces cleanly with your foundation, rails and power supply.

Designed for both indoor and outdoor service, Atlas  transfer tables and turntables can be the backbone of your material handling operations.

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Turntable and Transfer Tables

  • Powered and Manual Rotation
  • Light and Heavy-Duty Capacity
  • Diameters up to 100'-0"
  • Floor or Pit Mounts

Turntable Types

  • Truck Assemblies
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Loco & Car Bride Style
  • Auto & Show

Transfer Tables

  • Bridge Style
  • Operators Cabs
  • Opened or Covered

Deck Types

  • Flat Plate
  • Flush Rail
  • Raised Rail
  • Single Rail
  • Cross Rail