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Irwin UKM Products

At Irwin UKM, our process capabilities allow for a diverse range of products to be produced. Over the years customers have returned to UKM time and again for several products in particular that maximize the UKM Advantage and allow us to provide real value.


UKM has a particular expertise in fabricated and cast thresholds with our proprietary Traction-First Technology. We can offer these products for all sides of rolling stock, heated and reinforced. These products are very effective in severe environments where corrosion resistance, strength, custom design and safety are of primary importance. For further information, please reference our UKM Advantage.

Access Ramps & Steps

Similar to our threshold products, UKM access ramps are typically designed for anti-slip applications and often requiring high wear characteristics. Again, UKM's Traction-First Technology provides a superior surface in all weather conditions and traffic volume. UKM offers all styles of ramps & steps in cast and fabricated metal, ADA, E&H, Bi-Fold and Curb. All are also available with powder coated highlights for further safety.

Trap Doors & Step-well Assemblies

UKM manufactures a complete line of manually operated, single and double fold ADA compliant trapdoors for vehicles with curb and high block loading. Coupled with our in house fabrication capabilities and Traction-First Technology, UKM can provide a modular solution to OEM's looking to minimize vendor administration and assembly challenges as a result of tolerance build-ups between parts.


For over 35 years UKM has been providing the transit industry with pantograph replacement parts and rebuilding services. Our experience in understanding the functionality and testing requirements of these current collection devices gives UKM a distinct advantage as a qualified alternative to the Original Equipment Manufacturer.


These are products that provide a cushion between coupled railcars and also allow passengers the means to walk from car to car. UKM offers a complete line of buffering systems and walkways in a variety of styles and arrangements, also including diaphragms and side barriers designed specifically for each railcar.

Custom Parts & Assemblies

These products include, but are certainly not limited to; molded rubber bumpers, rod assemblies, side bearing shoes, shims, wear plates, bells, couplers, electrical transmission devices, battery/electrical boxes, lockdowns, pneumatic and mechanical switches.

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