The Solution for Your Heavy Trailer Needs

Phillips Trail-Skids operate similarly to over highway truck trailers. A fork or platform lift truck engages a king pin or a coupling mechanism mounted on an articulated turntable, lifts the skid leg free of the ground and moves the Trail Skids on its rear wheels. Loads may be placed on and removed from Trail-Skid decks by fork trucks and cranes. Multiple pallet loads may be readily handled in addition to long material.

Lubick Trailers are not just another fabricated steel trailer; they are trailers with detailed designs for every application. Their structural steel bodies, unique steering mechanisms and deck designs make any job simpler. Best of all, they are made tough to last you the long haul. Lubick Industrial Trailers have been used in a variety of applications since 1965 including automotive, mining, aircraft, die casting, forging, plastic injection molding, concrete form, steel fabricating and aerospace manufacturing companies.

Using Industrial Trailers for Your Material Needs

Our Industrial Trailers can handle loads from 1000 pounds to 300,000 pounds. Trailer dimensions and specifications can be made to suit your exact needs. They can be moved one at a time or in multi-trailer trains to get your parts and equipment to their destination. Steering and tire options allow you to select the trailer you need to engage tight aisles and move your load over any type of surface.

Trailers are commonly towed with forklifts or tuggers. By utilizing Lubick Industrial Trailers you can dramatically increase the load capacity of your material handling equipment. Inside or outside your plant, Lubick Industrial Trailers can move your load safely and economically.