Phillips Products perfected auto steer feature on our industrial trailers also reduces the required drawbar pull of tractor or prime mover.

Our mounting of the wheel assemblies in the extreme corners of the chassis provides stability of load and trailer. Where tight turns are required, our auto steer is extended to both ends of the trailer for double end control.

Our steerable trailer designs assure the user of a consistently efficient and safe operation for stable hauling of unusual or unbalanced loads. Our flat deck industrial trailers and steerable trailers are available in 4, 8, 16, and 32-wheel versions, equipped with tapered roller bearings in the wheels.

Engineered for heavy industrial use and maximum lifespan, Phillips steerable trailers employ can employ load compensating articulation in the wheel sets to stabilize your payload. For stability over uneven floors, Phillips industrial trailers, when equipped with articulating (free to rock) axles, ensure equal floor and wheel loading.

Synchronized, automotive geometry steering reduces tire wear by eliminating scrubbing. Variations of this basic trailer include paper roll trailers, coil hauling trailers, die trailers, tank trailers, side dump hopper trailers and the like.

Available options include turntable decks, lift deck frames, load stakes, and self unloading side dump pipe configurations.