All functions of our Auto Dump Crane Buckets are handled by the crane operator.  There are 18 standard sizes with custom sizes available up to 30 cubic yards. Loads can be discharged without shock to crane, bucket or load. Our bucket cannot be dumped in mid-air or accidently.

The Phillips Auto Dump Crane Bucket will increase efficiency and reduce the cost of handling almost any loose industrial material.

Due to our patented Auto Dump mechanism and robust designs, our buckets are the benchmark of reliability for all crane and scrap buckets. *Reg. U.S. Pat. Office U.S. Pat. No: 5,641,188

Available in light, heavy, and mill duty

Junior Series (JK)-For materials with a maximum specific gravity of up to 87 lbs./cu. ft.

Standard Series (K)-For materials with a specific gravity of up to175 lbs./cu. ft.

Mill Series (KH)-Extra heavy service,for materials with a specific gravity of up to 350 lbs./cu. ft.

Custom Series (S)- Built to your exact size and weight requirements and for capacities larger than 6 cubic yards. Let us survey your handing needs and recommend the proper bucket for your application.

Our buckets can be designed for:

  • Any dimension you need
  • Pick up with hooks, Coil tongs, Fork pockets or magnets
  • Options are available for stacking and with wheels