Phillips Products offers six different standard steering options for our industrial trailers. These steering options, described and illustrated below, enable our steerable trailers to be customized for your specific application, need and budget.

Caster Steer

There are numerous methods of positioning swivel and rigid wheels; the two-swivel front and two rigid rear is the most common arrangement.  This is normally used on smaller and hand-powered units. Stability is excellent, as corners of unit are supported at all times.

Fifth Wheel Steer

The most common arrangement for power–drawn wagons is the fifth wheel steer. Single pivot point of front bolster and fifth wheel assembly provides good maneuverability and simplicity of design. Stability is good and this "Standard" type has wide versatility.

Four Wheel Steer

Our four wheel steer is for applications of limited aisle space and "Train-Type" towing of multiple units. Cross-connecting tie bars are synchronized to turn unit in minimum amount of area. This type of unit can be furnished with a removable tongue that allows towing in either direction by a quick tongue change. Overall stability is less than caster, fifth-wheel, or automotive type. Also supplied without tie bars and with locking pins and removable tongue for "Double Fifth Wheel" steer if desired.

Four Wheel Automotive Steer

Our four wheel automotive steer combines the maneuverability of four wheel steer with the stability of automotive steer to offer maximum performance.

All Wheel Synchronized Steering

When capacity, height restrictions, or ground loading considerations dictate more than four wheels, but maximum maneuverability is still required, then all wheel synchronized steering is what is needed. This unit is more complex, but has smooth and scuff free steering.

Automotive Steer

For excellent stability on larger units. Towing tongue pivots, in place, as well as each set of front wheels. Wheels are synchronized with tie bar to turn correct amount for each individual radius, thus providing an easy rolling unit with no scuffing.