HDT Specialty Trailers

Specialty HDT trailers can move loads in ways you may never have considered, saving time, money and floor space. HDT specialty trailers are used in many unusual environments, from glass manufacturing to extreme safety applications in the nuclear energy field.

Battery Powered Lift Trailer

Model #541  –  Capacity 70,000 lbs.

This unit has 8-wheel steer, high capacity polyurethane tires and a high efficiency electro-mechanical lift system with state-of-the-art motor/control system and pendant.

Nuclear Fuel Rod Trailer

Model #530  –  Capacity 40,000 lbs.

This unit features articulating axles, automotive type steering, all wheel double redundant braking, load tie downs, and solid pneumatic tires. When unusual size, uneven terrain and extreme safety are a factor, HDT trailers are your ideal choice.

HDT Flatbed Trailers

From shipyards to steel mills, HDT heavy-duty flatbed trailers carry the load and offer maximum strength and reliability. Heavy-duty industrial flatbed trailers can be the "Plain Jane" variety or with a wide range of options. When nothing less will do, you need a heavy-duty industrial flatbed trailer from HDT.

On this page are examples of the hundreds of different heavy-duty flatbed trailers designed and built over the years at HDT. We engineer and construct our units to perfectly fit your particular application needs while addressing all factors including deck type, capacity, terrain, obstacles, safety, floor load among others.  Many of our units are still in use after 30 years.

Heavy-Duty Flatbed Trailer

Model #478  -  Capacity 113,000 lbs

This double end steer unit can be pulled from either end. Equipped with stabilizers, load hold downs, all wheel parking brakes, and locking fifth wheels our heavy-duty flatbed trailers offer low height, high capacity and are built for rough usage.

Double end locking fifth wheel steer means no turning around in aisle ways or other tight spaces.

Heavy Duty "Plain Jane" Flatbed Trailer

Model #TR-30  -  Capacity 40,000 lbs.

Single end, fifth wheel steer unit with smooth steel deck. No frills, just rugged in design and construction.

HDT Cargo & Tank

Whatever your application requirements, you can bet we have built similar units before. We have a reputation for quality design and manufacturing. Efficient production makes for shorter turn-around times that our customers appreciate.

Auto Steer Transport Trailer

Model #595  -  Capacity 15,000 lbs.

With all wheel surge hydraulic brakes and see-through bulk heads, this unit can be towed individually or in multiple unit trains. This enables the user to make less trips which ultimately saves time and fuel.

Heavy-Duty Tank Trailer

Capacity  -   1000 Gallons

We manufacture tank trailers to carry industrial liquids over all types of terrain. Steel, stainless, fiberglass, and a variety of plastic tanks are available. These trailers can be fit with pumps, hose reels sight levels, internal baffles, man-ways among others.

Environmental Waste Containment and Recovery Trailer

Model #292  -  40,000 lbs.

A spillage containment system is built into the unit that is crafted with heavy-duty steel roof and see-through sliding curtains protect load from the elements.  These trailers are also fitted with solid pneumatic tires for smooth ride on rough terrain.

Adjustable Length Industrial Trailer

Model #615  -  Capacity 10,000 lbs.

This Heavy-Duty oak deck, double end steer unit, can be towed from either end.  Its 70 degree turning angle allows for an extremely small turn radius. It also has a manual parking brake lever on either end. The tapered roller kingpin and tongue pivot bearings give both effortless steering and reliable operation. The deck length is adjustable from 7' to 12' in 1' increments.

Industrial Trailers –– Custom designed up to 400 ton capacity

Custom General Purpose Trailers:

  • Any deck size or configuration
  • Flat, Drop Deck, Roller Deck or Containment
  • Six steering types
  • Custom fixtures and decking

Custom Trail Skids

Trail skids are extremely maneuverable and can double or triple your forklifts capacity and are available with swiveling fork pockets or with king pin for towing.

Problem-Solving Specialty Trailers

  • Lifting decks
  • Decks with powered rollers
  • Push–Pull mechanisms for transferring loads