Irwin Car and Equipment is your sole source for authentic and original Willison Couplers, the standard by which all other mining and tunneling car coupler arrangements are judged.

Irwin maintains a stunning inventory of all of the most common and called-for Willison couplers, including all of their component parts, to provide prompt and immediate service so you can keep your car fleets safely coupled, on-track and in service.

In addition to the complete line of Willison automatic couplers, Irwin can satisfy all of your needs for draft gear, yokes, 3/4 Sharon couplers, industrial couplers and spare parts for your industrial applications.

Irwin Rail-Based Cars & Locomotives Teams With Willison Couplers to Make a Great Pair

When it comes to mine and haulage, Willison Couplers are the best way to keep your rail cars on-track and maintain a safe workplace.

Willison Couplers can interlock without manual assistance. Their strength, simplicity of design and minimal operating parts make them the best couplers for loads ranging from capacities of 1 to 40 tons. Because of this wide range of load-bearing ability, Willison Couplers can fit any size car or locomotive.

Whether heavy-duty (20- to 40-ton capacity), regular-sized (5- to  19-ton capacity) or reduced-sized (1- to 4-ton capacity), Willison-equipped cars can be outfitted with shanks to accommodate any type of car construction, cushioning arrangement or track requirement.

Additionally, Willisons couple with every other Willison of the same size head!

Coupling Made Easy

With Willison Couplers, the pressure of one coupler against the opposite coupler forces the two couplers into alignment.

The two locks, now opposite each other, are pushed rearward into the coupler body until interlocking lugs come into contact with the coupler face. The angle of the lugs and face to each other guides the lugs of each coupler into corresponding interlocking jaws. When lugs have fully entered interlocking jaws, the locks are freed and returned to their normal position by the rugged stainless steel spring.

Thus, with the couplers in locked position, the lugs are held firmly in the opposite coupler’s interlocking jaw.

The Willison Coupler, along with train movement, performs the coupling operation without manual assistance or pre-setting of any mechanism.

Uncoupling Two Cars

Willison Couplers have many types of uncoupling mechanisms due to the many operating conditions in which rail cars must function.

To uncouple cars, the uncoupling mechanism raises the lock lever that retracts the lock, permitting couplers to part easily.  Only one coupler needs to be unlocked for the cars to separate.

Here For You

Irwin Car is here to supply your industrial coupler needs with proven and dependable industrial coupler units, such as the Willison 35990 and the 3/4 Sharon coupler.

In addition to supplying complete couplers (with draft gear and yokes as well), Irwin stocks all of the spare component parts you need to keep your operations on track.

Contact us today to discuss your application.