Irwin Car is your only source for original Keystone Elastomeric cushioning units.

Used for decades in hundreds of rugged applications where dependable suspension and shock absorption is required, Irwin’s line of Keystone cushioning pads offer the ideal solution for protecting heavy equipment and structures from the damaging effects of shock.

The interlocking pads are composed of tough, molded elastomer bonded to durable steel plates. These pads are then placed in multipad series to form heavy-duty cushioning units.

Due to the large number of rubber pad sizes, shapes and capacities available, it is possible to develop cushioning capacities to meet almost any requirement. The pads may be used in many types of applications whether they be located vertically, horizontally or inclined.

Applications include crane and car positioning stops, shovel rocker arm stops, elevator shaft bottom stops, heavy machinery suspension, draft gear and buffers and chute door cushions; not to mention suspension systems for mine car truck assemblies, heavy duty steel mill equipment (transfer cars, ladle cars and scrap cars) and off-highway construction vehicles.

Contact Irwin Car today for all of your Keystone Pad requirements, for your new applications or to support and maintain legacy equipment.