Management Team

GMI was acquired by Irwin Transportation Products on January 1, 2023 and strategically fits in with the Irwin Group of companies.  As a leading supplier in the rail transit industry, GMI, among other work scopes, pioneered the process of providing large, complicated kits of materials to Transit Agencies like the CTA, thereby lowering their supply chain logistic costs by millions of dollars.  Founded by Dave Gray in 2006, his vision and philosophy are in concert with those of all the companies that make up the Irwin Group.

Tim Coomer – Vice President Transit Group

Tim has over 25 years of rail transit experience, including project management, purchasing, sales and marketing, as well as Buy America and DBE compliance. Tim is responsible for all sales and marketing functions as well as monitoring and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Erica Ellis – Controller and HR Manager

Erica’s primary responsibilities are serving as GMI’s Controller and Human Resource Manager and resident expert on our Syspro system. She has over 20 years of experience in managerial, cost accounting, and finance. And over 15 years of experience in IT systems management and training.

Tammy Charles – Materials Manager

Tammy brings 30 years of rail experience in various aspects of Supply Chain – including Sourcing, Expediting, Vendor Managed Inventory, team management, and logistics. Tammy’s core responsibilities include customer relationships, purchasing, inside sales, and logistics.

Thomas Dunn – Lead Electrical, Test & Quality Engineer, IT Support

With over 30 years of experience, Tom brings extensive knowledge to GMI in electrical wiring, DITMCO testing, and troubleshooting.  Tom leads the Quality inspection of all incoming materials, develops all GMI’s internal testing programs for GMI’s DITMCO and testing of GMI’s electrical wire harnesses.

Brian Valentine – Operations Manager

Brian brings 30+ years of experience in the rail transit industry to GMI – with expertise in truck overhaul and welding. Brian directs all production, warehouse, and facility activities.

Dave Frazier – Engineering

Dave has 35+ years engineering experience in all facets of rolling stock, especially carbody and trucks.  In addition, he has developed parts and maintenance manuals and training programs as well as being skilled in all aspects of RAMS documentation.  Dave leads the GMI engineering efforts as well as troubleshoots and develops solutions to issues within ongoing projects. 

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