Transit Gearbox / Motors and wheel Sets Repairs

Need your gearbox or differential axle assemblies overhauled, TMS repairs gearboxes and differential assemblies for the transit, Industrial, and mining industries. Our repair shop works with our engineering staff to ensure that your project is rebuilt to the highest standards and meets our quality assurance program requirements; as well as meeting our customers satisfaction to keep their cars moving.

Our repair shop is located at the same facility as our motor and wheel shop where we can not just repair the gearbox, we overhaul and repair the complete drive assembly. With all three shops at the same location, we can provide our customers with a complete repair / rebuild ensuring the gearbox, motor and wheel set are fitted and working properly together as one unit. All assemblies are test as single units and or tested as one complete drive package.

For more details on our Motor and Wheel shop refer to those pages of our website.

Gearbox and Motor Services include

  • Disassemble and cleaning
  • Inspect for damaged and worn parts
  • Check dimensional fits
  • Provide a detail analysis of repairs
  • Mag Particle testing
  • Parts replacement -gears, shafts, bearings, seals, axles, ECT.
  • Assembly and no-load testing
  • Engineering

Wheel Shop Services include

  • New and Reconditioned Wheel Sets
  • Disassemble, inspect and advise repairs
  • Wheel Replacement - new and reconditioned
  • Bearing Replacement – new and reconditioned
  • Gear Replacement – new and reground
  • Wheel reprofiling
  • Mag testing
  • Assembly and testing
  • Engineering
  • Locomotive Wheel Sets
  • Freight and Passenger Wheel Sets
  • Transit Wheel Sets
  • U-Tube
  • Axle and Journal Conversions

Equipment and Tooling

  • Bearing Press and pullers
  • 300-Ton Press
  • 600-Ton Press with recorder
  • CNC Horizontal and vertical Boring Mills
  • CNC Wheel Lathe
  • CNC Axle Lathe
  • Complete fabrication shop with overhead cranes
  • Quality Control Lab with CMM Equipment
  • Nondestructive Testing – Mag Particle
  • Dynamic Balancers
  • Furnaces