Heavy & Light Rail

Mass Transit is a form of public transportation moving passengers’ long distance with heavy rail, intercity with light rail and or historical trolley cars. And it is important to keep your customers on the move without delays and down time.

So, it just as equally important to TMS to keep your motors performance to its maximum efficiency to keep passengers on the move. If it is a single motor or multiple units needing repaired, TMS brings immediate customer response, quick project turnarounds, excellent service and engineering capabilities to every job.

Services include:

  • Repairs, Rebuilds, and Rewinding
  • Inspections
  • Detailed analysis report
  • Testing
  • Calibration
  • Space and Replacement Parts Inventory

Services specific to AC Motors include:

  • Rotor Assembly Manufacturing
  • Rotor Replacement
  • Rotor Balancing

Services specific to DC Motors include:

  • Armature Balancing
  • Armature Undercutting
  • TIG Welding
  • Spin Seasoning
  • Motor Testing
  • Transformers, Motor Reactors
  • Line Reactors