In addition to the historic line of heavy-duty Irwin transfer cars, furnace cars, scrap cars, ladle cars, die transfer cars, coil cars, mold cars and the like, Irwin also offers a complete line of specialized cars as well.  Formerly HDT, these custom self-propelled transfer cars, coupled with Irwin’s legacy of durability and low operating costs, will help you get the job done smoothly and safely.

2,000- to 200,000-pound capacity. AC, DC, Battery, LPG, Diesel. However you want it. Self-powered rail cars, steerable platforms or automatically guided vehicles from HDT will get the job done smoothly and safely.

AC-Powered Rail Car

Model #587
Capacity: 40,000 pounds

This high-efficiency, 460VAC helical drive unit can be equipped with smooth deck or cradles and is equipped with warning lights, buzzers, protective skirting and heavy-duty cord reel. Standard or special rail gauge available.

Engine-Driven Walk-Along Rail Car

Model #L21
Capacity: 20,000 pounds

This two-cylinder, LPG-fueled engine with hydrostatic drive system offers independence and reliability. Complete with operator controls, alarm bells, warning beacons, and more.

Wide-Gauge AC-Powered Rail Car

For carrying loads laterally, these cars can be equipped to run on 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 parallel rails to handle the longest, widest or most awkward loads.