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Wheel Assemblies

Irwin Car is the leader in the design and manufacture of standard and custom heavy-duty industrial wheel assemblies.  With designs anchored in more than 120 years of proven success, our application engineers can work with you to provide the perfect solution to your application needs.  

From our standard line of packaged wheel assemblies, to the custom-engineered wheel assemblies that address the most challenging of problems, Irwin Car has the wheel assembly you need.

Ranging in capacity from 1 to 120 tons per wheel, with wheel diameters from 4” to 80,” there is nothing we can’t do to keep your operations on track.

Design your own car

Irwin Car's line of packaged drive, idler and high temperature wheel assemblies enable you to upgrade your existing cars, or put a reliable package of Irwin wheel assemblies underneath a new car you need to build.  Whether its a new idler car (all SA-series idler wheel assemblies), a self-propelled car (a combination of DA-series drive axles and SA-series idler axles) or a high temperature furnace car (HT-series and ET-series high-temp and extra-high-temp wheel assemblies), Irwin Car can help you keep you on track dependably and economically.

Our innovative wheel assembly product line includes:

  • DA-101 Drive Thru-Axle Assemblies 
  • DA-102 Drive Thru-Axle Assemblies
  • DA-103 Drive Thru-Axle Assemblies
  • DA-104 Drive Stub Axle Assemblies
  • SA-101 Stub Axle Idler Assemblies
  • SA-102 Stub Axle Idler Assemblies
  • HT-101 Hi-Temp Assemblies
  • ET-101 & ET-102 Extra Hi-Temp Assemblies
  • Flange Mounted Wheel Assemblies
  • Marine Duty & Shot Blast Duty Wheel Assemblies
  • Shuttle Conveyor Wheel Assemblies
  • Tripper Conveyor Wheel Assemblies
  • Custom-Engineered Wheel Assemblies
  • Repaired & Refurbished Wheel Assemblies

Irwin stocks and manufactures our own wheels, axles, bearings and hardware, so we have unlimited potential to customize our product to your specific needs.  Our state-of-the-art CNC machining centers, combined with the leveraged power of OEM relationships that have spanned decades, enable us to provide cost-effective and reliable solutions to you.  We offer complete wheel assembly packages for new or refurbished equipment, faster than you can get plain wheels anywhere else -- and more cost-effective than assembling an array of purchased parts yourself.

With our comprehensive and impressively equipped CNC machine shops, assembly facility and quality control lab, there is nothing we can’t do.

Proudly made in the USA in Irwin, PA, Irwin Car reinvents the wheel every day so you don’t have to.

Fill out an application data sheet, send us an e-mail, or call or click today to discuss your application and need.

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