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T-3 Track Switches

Irwin Transportation Products' T-3 switch machines are the most versatile switch machines available in North America. They can be used in both single and double tongue applications, can be mounted between or outside of rails depending on application, and can be actuated with DC traction or AC voltage.

They are in use throughout the US and Canada in cities representing a wide range of temperatures and climates, from New Orleans and Galveston to Toronto and Buffalo.

With its unique toggling mechanism, the T-3 switches reliably complete the switch throw on trailing moves through double tongue and needle point layouts. This reduces wheel and switch point wear usually inherent to spring return mechanisms.

  • 120 years of solid reliability for in-street switching
  • Service throughout North America and Canada
  • Solenoid operation with spring holding
  • Authoritative throw with trailing ability
  • Submergibility


  • Eliminates the need for operator to leave vehicle to hand throw a switch
  • More efficient vehicle movement
  • Decreases headway time through automation
  • Reduces switch point and wheel flange wear through its unique trailing feature
  • Electric coil operating for simple manintenance, no need for certified master mechanics
  • Spring detent rods for semi-auto reset after trailing violations on locking T-3s


  • Rugged T-3 compact embedded design
  • Fewer moving parts than motor-driven machines
  • Operation from AC or DC sources
  • Capable of operating transit style embedded switch points with throws up to 5-1/2”
  • Operating fore up to 1,000 lbs.
  • Holding force up to 650 lbs. on spring held units
  • Trailable
  • Available with optional mechanical locking
  • Dual-hinged lid design with replaceable gaskets for easy access by MOW workforce
  • Truly submersible, rubber bellows rod and lid seals keep out excess debris
  • Locking throw rods for between-the-rails applications with 5K pounds of locking strength

Our AC-Powered Switch for Ballasted Rail is ideal for mining and industrial applications, and features: 

  • Electrical versatility from 110 -575 volts
  • Motor drive with trailable spring rod
  • Point indication
  • BOTE-certification for PA

The DC-Powered Switch for Ballasted Rail may be used in mining and industrial environments, and features:

  • Electric power from trolley line 300 VDC
  • Solenoid-driven with integral springs
  • Point indication
  • BOTE-certification for PA
  • Vertical mounting option