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Signals and Controls

Irwin Transportation Products (ITP) has acquired a wide range of controllers through the acquisition of the Track Switch Systems from IMPulse NC.

These components have proven to be reliable throughout several decades of service. ITP has enhanced these systems to complement the digital components available with today's technology. The systems are simple and offer easy maintenance and repair.


  • Controllers are mounted inside of weatherproof cases to survive the elements.
  • Easy to maintain, troubleshoot and service.
  • Replaceable components available through our inventory in Blairsville, PA.
  • Can be enhanced with digital technology for remote operations within the operator’s compartment.
  • Signaling Lights can be supplied for pole-mounted or embedded street applications.
  • Overhead trolley contactors are available in current or voltage sensing.
  • Technical service available at our Blairsville, PA facility.


  • OEM engineering standards
  • Designed to meet the customer’s requirements.
  • Genuine OEM parts and labor

Irwin Switching Controls for all switching applications include:

  • PLC-based systems
  • Vehicle-to-wayside radio control
  • Track circuits and indicator control
  • Power-on, Power-off control
  • Lane auto routing for yards