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Scrap–Bottom Discharge Buckets

Scrap and Bottom Discharge Buckets are made to last in the most demanding environments.

The Phillips Bottom Discharge Box provides complete versatility in operation. While it is primarily carried by overhead crane when engaged in the bail opening, the box can also be carried by fork lift trucks with the insertion of forks into the fork pocket tunnels beneath the doors. In the carrying and lifting mode, the doors are held up and locked to prevent inadvertent discharge. When straddled across a bin and seated on its horizontal leg extensions, this box assures complete control of discharge by the rate at which the operator lowers the crane hook. Welded of heavy plate and structural members, this box can be designed to your exact requirements of size and capacity of both load weight and volume.

Self Dumping Hoppers

Only Phillips builds Self Dumping Hoppers larger than 4 cu. Yd. with available sizes of 7-10-15 and 20 cu. yds.

“Specials are Standard”

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