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Phillips 50 Ton Transporter
Phillips 30 Ton Transporter
Phillips Paper Roll AGV

Automated Guided Vehicle

Heavy loads are no problem for our load transporters, whether AGV or manually controlled, due to their robust design standards.

These units can be configured to handle your specific load or to serve a variety of functions with easily removable coil saddles or other superstructure fixturing. Vehicle control can be as simple as a push button pendant or fully automated AGV system.

Our Automated Guided Vehicles and Transporters feature the following:

  • Any dimension with capacities from 2,000–300,000 pounds
  • Speeds up to 250 feet per minute
  • Front wheel steer, all wheel steer or crab steer
  • Flat deck or custom fixtures to secure your load

AGV Transporters

  • Fully automated to travel a predetermined travel path
  • Capable of multiple safety and workstation stops as necessary
  • Guided via wire embedded in the floor, laser guidance system or vision guided system
  • Collision avoidance safety system


  • Manually driven forward and reverse via hand held pendant
  • Can be steered by pendant control, that can be corded or wireless
  • Can travel a predetermined path with a guide wire embedded in the floor or by laser guidance
  • Complete with collision control safeties

160,000-pound Coil/Die AGV Transporter 

Capable of fully automatic operation within plant, this vehicle is equipped with a multitude of performance and safety features. Speeds of 0 to 150 feet per minute, a range of up to two miles on a fully charged battery, laser bumpers for collision avoidance, and self monitoring e-stop system.

Low Profile 50 Ton Die Transporter

With an overall height of 28", this unit allows for easy handling and maintenance of on-board stamping dies. Simple push button pendant control combined with the latest in vehicle collision avoidance laser bumpers offers maneuverability and versatility rail bound units can only dream of.

Basic 50 Ton Battery Powered Steerable Transporter

No rails in the floor to trip on, zero maintenance, sealed battery powered drive system, on board charging system with 110ac cord reel, walk-along pendant control, and low cost make this our most popular transporter.

Battery Powered Steerable Platform

Model #552  -  Capacity 60,000 lbs.

Twin eight horsepower 48vdc drive motors through high efficiency helical gear drives provide plenty of power. Features include variable speed mosfet motor control, fail-safe parking brake, smooth acting automotive type steering, operator control pendant with controls for Forward/Reverse, Left/Right, On/Off, onboard reserve battery pack, and alarm. All wheel steer version can be combined with AGV technology to provide wire guide steering or completely automated control.

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