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Phillips Products

The Phillips Group of Irwin Car and Equipment designs and builds customized, heavy-duty, rubber-tired steerable material handling equipment, under hook equipment and fork lift attachments.

Our Auto-Dump Crane Buckets, Automated Guided Vehicles, Motorized Transporters, Trail Skids and Industrial Trailers are of heavy-duty all-welded steel construction.

Our products are designed to provide years of dependable and reliable service for the industrial, manufacturing or custom applications for which they are engineered.

Our material handling equipment and solutions can support your operations during any phase of your manufacturing process.

The Phillips Group has been designing and building customized heavy-duty material handling equipment since the Civil War. This experience, coupled with the resources and expertise of its parent company, Irwin Car and Equipment, as well as its Quality Management System (QMS), yield equipment that is second to none.

Many of our customers around the world are still operating original Phillips equipment decades after it was delivered. Our mobile, rubber-tired material handling equipment, including transporters, auto-dump buckets, trail skids and heavy-duty industrial trailers, are all made of heavy duty, all-welded steel construction capable of withstanding the roughest punishment in the harshest environments of steel mills and other manufacturing facilities, in addition to process lines.

Your options are endless with equipment from Phillips. Contact us today to discuss your application or particular material handling needs – we may have already designed a solution to your problem.