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Wheel Burros

Our Wheel Burros give you the power to move heavy loads quickly and safely.

The Wheel Burro from Irwin is a safe, efficient way for one worker to move loads as heavy as 1,000 pounds quickly and easily. Only 37 inches wide, the Wheel Burro carries the load in a strong, 10 cubic-foot, UHMW bed in front of the operator for easy movement in close quarters and tight turns. One worker can easily move a full load of tools, components and material safely on grades up to 10 percent.

Wheel Burro features include:

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Continuous welded frame
  • Load is always in front of operator
  • 1,000-pound capacity
  • Compact – only 37 inches wide
  • Electric brake and potentiometer accelerator – no cables
  • Moves safely on grades up to 10% 

Standard Features of Wheel Burros:

  • Direct drive - no chains, sprockets or belts
  • DC series wound traction motor
  • Variable speed to four MPH
  • Solid state controller
  • Limited slip differential provides power to both driving wheels for safe positive traction on rough terrain
  • Quiet 24 volt battery power
  • 110 VAC on-board charger
  • Capacity to carry up to 1,000 pounds or 10 cubic feet of component equipment or material
  • Only 37 inches wide to fit in close quarters and tight areas (turns within its own dimension)
  • Belly switch - propels WheelBurro away from operator and de-energizes accelerator
  • Removable tailgate and dumping bed
  • 16" diameter tires

Optional Wheel Burro Features:

  • Operating light
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Optional Bed Construction


Specifications are subject to change.

General Information
Capacity Up to 1,000 lbs (10.0 cu ft)
Speed Up to 4 mph (adjustable)
Overall Dimensions 72"(I) x 37"(w) x 35.5"(h)
Motor 1.2 HP 24 VDC; 2100 rpm, 3 ft-lbs torque fully enclosed
Drive axle Rigid helical axle assembly; Ratio 16.99:1 limited slip
Tires & Wheels
Drive axle Two 16"0Ø x 6.50-8 TRU Power tires; 4 hole, 4" bolt circle
Steer axle Two 12.5" Ø tires; 4 hole, 2.75" bolt circle
Solid State Control DC traction motor controller with built-in microprocessor and high frequency power electronics and linear accelerator
Belly Switch 3 position (direction) selector switch; Power on/off switch
Accelerator Hand operated/cable driven
Brakes Automatic/electric fail-safe
Battery Two 12 Volt; Deep cycle; 225 min. at 25 Amps
Battery Charger 110 VAC / 24 VDC
Sales Materials: 
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