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Schroeder Industries

Irwin's Mine and Tunneling Supply offers a wide range of Hydraulic and Water Filtration Products, Process Filtration and Diagnostic Products manufactured by one of the world's leading Filter producing companies: Schroeder Industries.

Below is a list of the product categories that we offer that are ideally suited for the Mining and Power generation markets. Please visit for a complete viewing of products and specifications that will meet your fluid power needs.

Irwin Mine and Tunneling Supply offers a wide range of Schroeder Industries filtration products.

A Family of Solutions:

Base-Ported Pressure Filters:

  • 40-500 gallons per minute
  • 900-6500 psi

Tank-Mounted Filters:

  • 450 gallons per minute
  • 100 psi

In-Line Filters:

  • 450 gallons per minute
  • 100 psi

Schroeder Back-Flush Self-Cleaning Filter features:

  • Up to 33,000 gallons per minute
  • ANSI mounting port flanges available from 2 inches to 36 inches
  • Numerous combinations of housing materials and system operating equipment available
  • Filtration Micron Rating of 25-3000 ppm
  • Power requirements of 480 VAC 3-phase, 80 psi
  • Carbon steel/stainless steel housing with polyurethane and rubber coating
  • Stainless steel valve and filter elements
  • Special coatings and steels available for fluid applications
  • Slotted Tube/Wedge Wire Filter Elements from 50-3,000 microns

LW60 High-Pressure Filter features:

  • 300 gallons per minute
  • 6000 psi
  • Full-flow high efficiency
  • Designed for pressure side of a longwall circuit