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Rock Dusters

Bulk Rock Duster:

  • Heavy-duty Irwin Car and Equipment rail car
  • Superior Irwin 12" x 4 Wheel rail trucks assemblies
  • Willison couplers with draft gears
  • Larger diesel engine on diesel drive units
  • DC, AC or Diesel compressor drives
  • Superior unloading valve system
  • Bottom clean out access Pods
  • Modular drive and valve system
  • Also available mounted on rubber tire cars or skids


Portable Rock Dusters:

  • Improve safety
  • Reduce costs
  • Low-profile design available
  • Scoop bucket
  • Small electronic, pneumatic or hydraulic units


Hafco Rock Dust Blowers:

  • 550 lbs Rock Dust Capacity 
  • Pneumatic Operated (Compressed air requirements as low as 20 CFM)
  • Connect of 500 ft. of discharge hose
  • Available with or without wheels for easy maneuverability)
  • No permissibility exams or certifications required
  • Thousands in use throughout WV, PA, VA, AL and CO
  • No moving parts for safe, reliable operation from a unique patented design


Mechanical Rock Dusters:

  • Modular, non-electric, non-hydraulic design
  • Single and Dual Auger Operations
  • Eliminates the need for underground state approvals
  • 360° Dust Coverage (Approx. 10 ft. high x 8 ft. wide)