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The Powerful Portable Conveyor System

The Miniveyor family of portable conveyor systems represents one of the most powerful and flexible solutions for the rapid deployment of a temporary conveyor system.

The narrow Miniveyor units while portable can move 25-50 tons per hour. Only 7 inches high and capable of operating lying on the ground, the unit is meant to excavate below grade, through windows or in other restricted areas. By operating 6 Miniveyors from a single 20-amp circuit, you won't search for power at the jobsite. With an aircraft-grade aluminum frame and a solid stainless steel slider bed, the Miniveyor family is built to last. These are the only units in their class that have reversible belts and foam-filled cores to add strength while saving weight. Truly, there is nothing like the Miniveyor System.                     


Miniveyor Features:


Miniveyors, while small and lightweight, are very powerful. Standard conveyors are large and bulky, with motors and reducers mounted outside the frame. The Miniveyor uses powerful 370- and 550-watt motors mounted inside the end rollers that are specifically designed and manufactured for the application. Turning the belts at 80 and 100 feet per minute respectively, the Miniveyor is the fastest conveyor system in its class. It can also operate at inclinations up to 40°.




Manufactured in 10-foot lengths and weighing only 160 pounds, Miniveyors can be carried into position and set up in minutes. A foam-filled core sandwiched between stainless steel plates means they are structurally strong while remaining light and durable. The units stack and lock for easy transport. All accessories such as hoppers and side rails are also constructed from weight-saving aluminum.



Modular construction lends itself to a customer-designed installation. Units can be locked together using a clamp kit, and 6 modules can provide a 60-foot span. Use the 20-foot kit and 2 units become 20 feet long. There are hoppers for hand loading run grizzly style hoppers for machine loading.??? For greater tonnage, n units in tandem with a double-wide hopper. If you need to move oversized materials, you can utilize side rails to reduce spillage. Optional wheels are also available.





Miniveyors are built for a tough and demanding environment. The belt cleats are attached using high-frequency welding to ensure long life. Miniveyors are corrosion-free, with an all aluminum and stainless steel construction, and the drive motors are sealed to 1E65 standards. The impact-resistant control box is waterproof, and the motors are protected by a thermal overload circuit to guard against damage. They couldn't be built any tougher!



Miniveyors are often used in rental environments where operators are not familiar with conveyors, so every part of the system has been designed with safety in mind.

The control box circuit is 24 AC, and it is GFI rated to prevent electrical problems. The drive mechanism is contained within the frame --offering no pinch points -- and the belt edges are protected under guard. Rails and hoppers all have safety pins and chains to ensure a secure assembly.



Up a flight of stairs and turn 90°? No problem. Run on a 40° slope into a hopper or 200 feet across a roof top? Absolutely. In applications like these applications, Miniveyor was the solution to difficult excavation or conveying problems. Miniveyors have been mounted on mobile equipment and made permanent conveyors in batch plants.  They have also been used as scavenger conveyors in confined areas in coal mines or in difficult landscaping environments. The belts even reverse, just by switching plugs.




3M40PI (smooth)
3M40CI (cleated)
Length 10 Feet
Width 15 Inches
Depth 7.5 Inches
Weight 160 lbs
Construction Stainless/Aluminum
Speed 110V 80 feet/min
Nominal Load 250 lbs
Maximum Angle* 40°
*Load & Condition Dependant
Material Reinforced PVC
Width 12 Inches
Thickness 0.125 Inches
Fastener Stainless Wire Hook
Optional Styles MSHA & Food Grade
Standard Cleats 0.75" on 12" Center
Motor Type Electric/Hydraulic
Voltage 110 v Single Phase
Output Power 110V 370 watts
Thermal Protection Thermal Circuit
Compliance CE Standards & UL
Motor Protection Enclosed to IP65
Control Box
Units/Control Box 6 Conveyors
Control System
Safety System Monitored Loop
Control Voltage 24 volt ac
Emergency Stop Box & System