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Main Ventilation

Tough Mining Fans for Rough Mining Conditions

  • Coal Mines
  • Hard Rock Mines
  • Metal and Non-Metal Mines
  • Heavy-Duty Industrial


All Fans Are Not Mining Fans

We all know that mining fans take a lot of abuse. We expect dependable performance from them 24 hours a day, seven days a week as they operate in debris-filled, abrasive mining environments. Not every fan survives in those conditions - that's why you need a fan specifically built for mining.

At Spendrup Fan Company, we specialize in building customized mining fans. We know that the fans will be treated roughly – they'll be moved around, get hit by other equipment and will operate in the harshest environments. For 25 years, we've built thousands of mining fans that are delivering dependable, continuous operations with minimal downtime. Spendrup fans are used in mines throughout the United States, Mexico, Canada, South America, Australia and the Middle East. Accessories including silencers, power trickle dusters, duct adapters and inlet cones and bells are available.


Get Exactly The Fan That You Need

Spendrup specializes in custom fans — whether you need low-volume/low-pressure or high-volume/high pressure, we can build the exact fan to fit your needs. We offer fans up to 12 feet or more in diameter. Fans are tested to AMCA standards and can be built explosion-proof, per MSHA or U/L approvals. You know what technical specs you need in a fan. Spendrup's engineers and fan experts will analyze your needs and recommend the most efficient, economical design that meets your specs.


Spendrup Fans Are Designed For Rugged Mine Conditions

  • Custom-built
  • Single stage or multi-stage options
  • Accurate delivery of volume and pressure
  • Direct, belt or shaft-driven design
  • A-36 steel casings
  • 356 non-sparking aluminum alloy blades (T-6 heat-treated option)
  • Blade pitches are easily adjustable at standstill from outside of fan casing
  • Blades protected with stainless steel wear strips
  • Flanges continuously welded to the casing
  • Straightener vanes
  • Static and dynamically balanced impellers
  • Explosion-proof, if needed
  • Self-propelling track and wheel options
  • Silencers, power trickle dusters, duct adapters and inlet cones and bells available



 To meet your ventilation needs, Spendrup Fan offers:

  • Nema or MSHA X/P enclosed starters
  • Silencer packages
  • Power trickle dusters
  • Duct adapters
  • Inlet cones and bells
  • Diffusers
  • Inlet buildings
  • Turning boxes
  • Skids and cages
  • Companion flanges



In addition to manufacturing custom fans, Spendrup Fan offers:

  • Repair/rebuild of all makes of axial fans, rotors and controls
  • In-field service
  • In-field troubleshooting