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Rock Drill

Our Rock Drill saves you money because we don't have to spend a bundle on new research and development; we draw on the expertise we already have.

We’ve adapted our standard face drill for rock drilling by adding a powerful hydraulic rotary percussive drill head that can penetrate abrasive rock at rates up to five feet per minute. And we've refined and patented the hydraulic circuit design used in our rock drill.

If you already have a Irwin face drill (old Schroeder face drill), you'll save even more. You save more money because you can buy a kit for field conversion in your mine shop, or we can do the job for you in our plant.


  • Made specifically for coal mining applications 
  • Hydraulic rotary percussive drill head
  • Penetrates abrasive rock at speeds of up to 5 feet per minute

Field or factory conversion is available.