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Auxiliary Ventilation

Spendrup Self-Propelled Fans: Take your fans where you need them.

  • Tough Terrain
  • Rugged Conditions
  • Dust-laden Air
  • Muddy Floors
  • Steeper Gradients


Spendrup Fan + Irwin Tracks/Wheels = One tough, go-anywhere mining fan

Relocating skid-mounted fans isn't one of the perks of working in a mine. It is time-consuming and damages – or even ruins – expensive equipment. And, fans need to be moved often – sometimes every shift.

 Spendrup Fan Company's Tracker and Scout are self-propelled fan systems that make this job easier, faster and safer. Spendrup builds a fan customized to your pressure and volume needs, then is mounted on a high-quality Irwin self-propelled track or wheel system. The result? A fan that fits your needs and goes anywherein less time, with less personnel, less damage and in general, less complications.

The Tracker and Scout require only one worker, who can walk alongside and position the equipment. Instead of taking hours to reposition fans, the job can take minutes and doesn't require any additional equipment.