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Locomotive before rebuild
Locomotive after rebuild
Irwin rebuilt industrial locomotive

Locomotive Rebuilds and Upgrades

Besides manufacturing locomotives and related products for mining and industrial applications, we also provide complete rebuild or redesign of existing rail equipment, with refurbishment to "like new" condition.

Our definition of rebuild is:

  • Determining the equipment problem
  • Repairing equipment so it runs
  • Applying an exterior coat of paint

To us, remanufacturing means:

  • Disassembling down to the bare chassis
  • Sandblasting, then repairing any structural damage
  • Inspecting, repairing or replacing all components
  • Assembling and testing our in-house track with a 5% upgrade

When upgrading equipment, Irwin Car:

  • Replaces motor control systems with the latest IGBT systems
  • Replaces mechanical-pneumatic or –hydraulic brake systems with dry disc brakes to reduce maintenance
  • Improves or installs suspension systems
  • Improves integrity of frames
  • Improves passenger seating for added comfort, increased lumbar support and reduced fatigue
  • Improving operator cab layout, including control positions, viewing and general ergonomics
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