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Hand-Held Coal Drill 

Hydraulic and hand-operated for production and utility work, the Irwin Hand-Held Coal Drill makes quick work of shot holes. It gives you dependable, fast drilling with complete operational safety—no spark, no kick. And it's simply designed with a minimum of parts to reduce maintenance costs.

The Irwin Hand-Held Coal Drill operates from hydraulic systems of other equipment or from separate power units.

The Irwin Model 12-B2 normal torque coal drill may be powered from the hydraulic power systems of most universal cutting machines, continuous mining machines, long wall units, battery operated scoops, diesel or electric Load-Haul-Dump vehicles, timber machines, or hydraulic roof bolting machines. On equipment with lower volume pumps, drilling speed may be reduced, but the application is frequently practical. Wheel- or skid-mounted hydraulic power units can also be furnished.

Irwin furnishes the accessory equipment to make the complete drill installation. The following equipment is all that's required for application to most hydraulic machines:

  • One CDB-978 diversion valve
  • One HDI-81 relief valve
  • One #8858 pressure gauge
  • One A-HDI-88 junction block
  • Two HDI-83 drill hoses
  • One HDI-91 auger drive socket, twisted shank (recommended)
  • One HDI-92 chuck adapter for standard chucks (available)