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Filtration Products

Irwin's filtration products include offerings from Baldwin Filter, as well as a wide range of Schroeder Industries filtration products. 

Below is a list of the product categories that we offer that are ideally suited for the Mining and Power Generation markets.

A Family of Solutions:

Base-Ported Pressure Filters

  • 40-500 gpm
  • 900-6500 psi

Tank-Mounted Filters

  • 450 gpm
  • 100 psi

In-Line Filters

  • 450 gpm
  • 100 psi 


Schroeder Backflush Self-Cleaning Filter:

  • Up to 33,000 gpm
  • ANSI mounting port flanges available from 2" to 36"
  • Numerous combinations of housing materials & system operating equipment available
  • Filtration Micron Rating of 25-3000 ppm
  • Power requirements of 480 VAC 3-phase, 80 psi
  • Carbon steel/stainless steel housing w/polyurethane & rubber coating
  • Stainless steel valve & filter elements
  • Special coatings & steels available for fluid applications
  • Slotted Tube/Wedge Wire Filter Elements from 50-3,000 microns


LW60 High-Pressure Filter: 

  • 300 gpm
  • 6000 psi
  • Full-flow high efficiency
  • Designed for pressure side of a longwall circuit


Please visit to view a complete list of products and specifications that will meet your fluid power needs.

Irwin Mine and Tunneling Supply offers the broadest array of Hydraulic, Water Filtration, and Diesel Fuel Filtration solutions.

Irwin Mine and Tunneling Supply’s decades of expertise in recommending and designing reliable and dependable filtration solutions is backed by the quality products of Schroeder Industries and Baldwin Filter; two of the industry’s most trusted names for filters and elements.

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