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Irwin Transportation Products Expands Equipment Offering with Acquisition of Vecom USA, LLC

Irwin, PA, January 26, 2015 – Irwin Transportation Products has acquired VECOM USA, LLC, a Tampa-based company.  This acquisition broadens Irwin’s product offering of rail switching, signaling and control equipment for the transit and trolley markets.

William Baker, President and CEO of Irwin Car and Equipment, commented, “This acquisition enhances our transportation product line offering.  VECOM’s product broadens our current product portfolio, providing the customer one source for all their signaling requirements.”

VECOM USA’s products include Train to Wayside (TWC) communication systems, train digital warning systems (TDSG) and an Ethernet-based passenger information system.  TWC systems include VETAG (one-way) and VECOM (two-way) Train to Wayside, VETAG/VECOM Priority and Switch Control, VETAG/VECOM Depot Management. The train digital warning system alerts traffic and passengers when arriving and departing a stop and when crossing intersections. The Ethernet-based passenger information system includes LED signs, PA/Next Stop Announcements, and emergency intercom.  All VECOM USA products are Buy America compliant. 

VECOM will continue to operate at its Tampa location as VECOM USA, a division of Irwin Transportation Products.  Irwin Transportation Products is an affiliate of Irwin Car and Equipment that specializes in rail switching systems, signals, and controls and equipment for transit, trolley, mining, and tunneling applications.

Irwin Transportation Products' T-3 Switch Machine is ideal for single and double tongue applications, can be mounted between or outside of rails depending on application, and can be actuated with DC traction or rectified AC utility voltage. The company’s signals and controls aid in the smooth flow of traffic in shared automobile and trolley applications. 

For more information, contact Tim Coomer, 813-901-5300; Ken Fitzgibbon, 724-864-8900, ext. 204,; or Dave Colussi, 705-522-9005,

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