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Irwin Car and Equipment

9953 Broadway Route 993

P.O. Box 409 Irwin, PA 15642

P: 724-864-8900

F: 724-864-8909


Kevin Bartholow

Vice President

Locomotive Products

(Mining & Tunneling Locomotives, Mantrips,

Jeeps, Rebuilds & Upgrades) 

O:  724-459-6847

C:  814-244-6372


Terry R. Steiner

Vice President - Engineering

(Specialty Mining Cars)

O:  724-515-2401


David J. Fitzpatrick

Senior Vice President
Industrial Sales Group

(Transfer Cars, Maintenance of Way,

Track Wheels, Wheel Assemblies,

Mobility Systems & Custom Equipment)

O:  724-515-2405


Bill Springer

Atlas Car Product Manager

(Historic & Scenic RR Products, Trucks &

Bogies, Traction Motors & Combos, Railroad

Wheelsets, Turntables, Couplers, parts)

O:  724-200-7556

C:  412-915-7309


Linda Drakulic

Inside Sales Coordinator

(Willison Couplers, Keystone Pads,

Irwin Mining Parts)

O:  724-864-8905


Frank Hartwig

Inside Sales/Customer Service

O:  724-864-8902


General Sales

(Locomotives, Transfer Cars, Industrial Wheels,

Wheel Assemblies,  Maintenance of Way, Turntables,

Truck Assemblies, Spare Parts, etc.)


General Information

(Catalog requests, arrange

salesperson callback, etc.)

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