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Fork Lift Attachments

We provide both engineering design and complete manufacturing facilities to supply your exact needs on Attachments, which amplify the working ability of your fork trucks by converting them to Charging Machines.

Phillips Roto-Box Charger

Available in whatever box capacity and box size you require, this attachment couples with the separate boxes to form an integral Charging Machine.

Phillips Roto-Grab

This versatile tool provides all the features of the Billet Grab, and adds the capability of rotation, either partial or 100 degrees of either direction or rotation, or continuous rotation, as you specify.

Phillips Billet Grab

This attachment provides gripper pins of alloy steel with machined contact grooves, features a fixed sturdy mount to the truck apron, without boom rotation, and facilitates the loading and unloading forging furnaces, as well as the loading of the anvil of a press.